About Gigant

GIGANT is based in Germany, it is the third largest axle and suspension manufacturer in Europe. GIGANT is an innovative European axle specialist that supplies axle solutions to the commercial vehicle industry worldwide. The company has more than 50 years experience in manufacturing which translates into trusted and reliable axle systems for many operational requirements, this axle system was formerly known as Propar.

GIGANT offers three axle systems:  the 'Euro' axle, the 9.0t axle for semi trailers and pull trailers, and one pragmatic axle system for low loader trailers. GIGANT has a wide range of products and produces a genuine 5.5 tonne axle in both disc and drum brake systems. In the 9.0t axle range

  • Low Maintenance
  • Adjustable Tracking
  • Large Diameter Bearings
  • Interchangeable Parts
  • One Piece Axle Technology
  • Protected EBS/ABS Sensors
  • Less Heat Transfer
  • Longest Bearing Life
  • Market Leading Technology

 Compact Bearing

High Quality and Compact

GIGANT has been using SKF compact bearings in axles up to 12t capacity since 1999. The advantage of the bearing is its compact construction, freedom from maintenance, and the associated cost reductions. This ensures a prolonged service life without the need for any adjustments. GIGANT grants an extended warranty on the compact bearing up to 1 million km or 6 years.

igant Monobloc technology

Axel End - Only one piece - No welded seams 
No weak points – Increased Strength

The axle beam and bearing journals are forged from a single piece, resulting in no welding in the axles critical stress areas. The GIGANT process allows for exactly defined material thickness and ensures uninterrupted material grain flow right to the threaded end of the axle nut. Complex computer analysis of all high stress components, makes it possible to eliminate potential areas for weakness before series production begins.

The result is the best possible design for resistance to bending and torsional strain and the best strength to weight ratio in its class.  

Modular Suspension system

Optimised spring bracket

The air suspension is designed around the well-known modular system. With only one front bracket, three ride heights are covered.

Well proven wheel alignment

The GIGANT Eccentric Bush allows easy and precise tracking reducing scrub, tyre wear, and improving fuel economy.

Twinlift simple mounting

The axle lift may be retrofitted on units after finish painting because there is no welding or bolting required.

Spring  FB70

A 70 mm wide spring is used in the GIGANT axle system for 9.0 t axle loads. In comparison to the 100 mm wide spring it may appear to be relatively narrow, but extensive design and testing have shown that it can take the same load.

Air Bellow
Hollow Position

In order to further reduce the weight the air bellow  has been redesigned. By removing the need for a base plate the weight has been optimised - but the strength and quality remains the same.

Protected EBS/ABS sensors 

Fully shielded

On the GIGANT compact bearing axle, the ABS sensor is situated inside the hub cap protecting it from dirt and corrosion. The position results in a very simple set up operation.

Brake Disc

Longer Lifespan

The brake disc life has been extended through an improved geometrical form. The brake disc of the Euro axle will be compatible with the disc brake of the SMB axles and therefore mutually useable.

Flange Unit

Without hub cap

Wheel hub and flange is one unit and a disc brake change without demontage of the wheel bearing is possible. Due to the flange and stepped hub unit combination, there is a controlled brake heating outlet, which increases the life time of all components.

Shorter Service Time

Reduces set up

Reduces setup time, thanks to the outboarded drum it is not necessary to dismantle the hub unit and the wheel bearing when replacing the brake linings. The set up work required during this operation becomes redundant.

Stepped Hub Unit Bearing

Compact and clever

A new lightweight stepped hub unit bearing with an extended 1 million kilometre or 6-year warranty has been specially developed for normal road conditions by reducing the dimensions of the outer bearing ring to their optimum level.


ERA Independant Suspension


Gigant configuration for outboard mounted drum