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Pump Up The Tankers - CRT Magazine Editorial Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Building close relationships with every single client is just as important to Transport Hydraulic Solutions (THS) as the development of innovative and safe transport equipment. According to the New Zealand company, that philosophy is what has made it successful in the Australian market.

“We want to grow our presence in the market and engineering strength by actively involving all our clients in the engineering process,” says Brenden Lyons, Managing Director of THS. “We listen carefully to the customer’s idea of what they want to achieve, giving them our extensive feedback on how best to execute that idea, before supplying the equipment they need, and if required guiding them through the actual installation.”

The relationship building process has always been a part of THS’ DNA. Established in Auckland, New Zealand in 1979, Transport Hydraulic Solutions has been specialising in transport hydraulics and hydraulic related components, and represents a number of its global suppliers THS has forged strong relationships with. In 2005, Brenden established the THS brand across the Tasman, where it set up an Australian branch in Thomastown, Victoria. “It was the right time to bring our offering to the Australian transport market, "he says.

A THS branch is much like a supermarket for commercial vehicles - there are options galore. The range includes trailer axles and suspensions, knuckle boom cranes; as well as hydraulic equipment such as control valves, power take-offs, pumps and metering systems, stabilised tipping gear and other ancillary products.

According to Brenden, THS Australia’s main focus is on the dairy market, which includes hydraulic systems, sanitary product pumps and metering and 3-Asampling systems that are used by local tanker builders. “The dairy industry is extensive in both the NZ and Australian markets, and it’s very important for us to have a strong presence in both. We deal directly with the tanker manufacturers and some prominent Australian fleets too,” he says, revealing the THS hydraulic system for milk tankers is modified to suit local operators.

“For example, vats in Australia have outlets that can come from either below or above ground level. This means the hydraulic powered and controlled pumping system has to be set up differently on the tankers to accommodate the negative head conditions, different pipe sizes, and different outlet sizes. To overcome this, THS developed the twin pump system, which is standard on most Australian tankers.

“The hydraulic system not only controls the pumps and valves, but also the hose reel.   All of the THS pumps have been specifically developed for the dairy industry and have been performance tested, and that’s a market where we have built a strong presence and established strong partnerships with many Australian transport businesses.”

According to Brenden, he also sees more opportunity in THS’ Piper metering system market, which the company has already established in Australia, with more than 100 systems to date, and is keen to move forward with their latest product offer.  “The Australian transport industry demands high standards from product reliability to supplier expertise through to efficiency,” Brenden says. “This is why the Piper System is the most suitable system for the Australian market”

The THS-Piper Milk Tanker Metering System consists of a control module with a screen and keyboard, GPS/GPRS module for location and data transfer, magnetic flow meter, aseptic stainless steel milk sampler that meets 3A sanitary requirements. The system also has an optional radio frequency identification device, as well as a scanner and thermal on-board printer. “The THS–Piper system is the only one on the market that has certificate of approvals for both Australia and New Zealand,” Brenden says.

“Combined with the THS hydraulic drive, control system and stainless steel product pumps, this provides a total system for milk collection and measurement. It also means that a transport company now has better access to real time data used to evaluate the entire operation. If you want to be a world-class equipment supplier, giving clients the one-stop-shop solution from a product point of view is essential to growing the brand.”

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