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THS Milk Pumps Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The THS MP4/3 milk pumps, C250, C250+ centrifugal pumps, LRG3 liquid ring and the PD2000 priming pumps have all been designed with the mobile dairy industry in mind. With over 20 years of proven design, performance, longevity and easy maintenance, our pumps are the fastest and most reliable pumps on the market.

The PD2000 delivers up to 330lpm flow rate and with a positive prime in the system it does not rely on any priming fluid to be present to achieve this.

The LRG Liquid Ring Pump offers a self-priming feature that is very efficient in the collection of liquid from an 8 meter distance, with flow rates up to 1,000lpm.

Utilising the PD2000 priming and C250 centrifugal pumps together as a twin pump system offer the best collection from distances up to 12 metres away and further, with maximum flow rates up to 2,000lpm.

These pumping options will provide between 330lpm to 2,000lpm in many instances. The only restriction to maximum flow rates are the inlet hose diameter. With the use of investment casting of the Scroll Case and Impellor, the pump is very quiet in comparison to other products

 All pump components are 316 Stainless Steel and comply with 3A Sanitary Regulations.

 All of the NZH THS/Nuphlo Sanitary Pump range are Food Grade Approved to be used in conjunction with all Milk Metering Systems, both in Australia and New Zealand.

THS has developed a CIP BYPASS for the PD2000 pump, this has been implemented to allow the CIP process to be completed without the Prime Mover or Hydraulic System operating



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