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NZH total transport packages a success Wednesday, April 24, 2013

JACKSON Enterprises recently completed two trailers to work with three Hino trucks for Invercargill’s Ryall Bush Transport, outfitting all five units with the NZH hydraulics solution product package.

An NZH customer the past 12 years, Managing Director of the Pahiatua-based company, Trevor Jackson, did not hesitate to take up NZH’s newest addition to its transport solutions, Gigant axles. But as astute businessmen will do, he conducted some private research of his own. “I knew that NZH planned to import the Gigant product as part of its range, as NZH approached me to discuss the benefits of using it to me and my customers. So when I attended the Brisbane Truck Show in 2007, I did my homework on Gigant properly, asking questions, getting opinions of those in the know.

“I could see no wrong with it, so I decided to give it a try at some stage. The opportunity came with these units - when we originally specced the trailers for Ryall Bush, they wanted really good stability from the trailers, and the best option for that is NZH’s Harsh tipping system. So we decided to use NZH gear on the trucks too, to ensure total compatibility between the truck gear and the tipping gear.

“Since NZH now carried the axles as well, we decided to use them, keep the system uniform, all the ordering and after-sales backup in one posse,” he explains. Trevor says the axles were easy to fit, and sourcing a total solution deal from NZH made managing the process simple and easy. “NZH has good representation on the South Island, they go where the units will go so there’s no problem there, either,” he says.

Ryall Bush bought the three 8-wheeler cab and chassis Hinos for carting aggregate, fertilizer and stock in the South Island with the help of the two Jackson-built trailers. To facilitate the dual use, the tipping bodies on the three truck chassis are demountable so the trucks can also take stock trailers. The two 4-axle trailers, fitted with the Gigant 19.5 Dual Disc axles, are general purpose drop sided tippers, also able to take stock trailers. Ryall Bush owner Wayne McEwen is another businessman who, despite the company’s long relationship of trust with NZH, prefers to base his decisions on hard facts. Prior to speccing the units with Gigant, he also engaged in some asking around, and says the word-of mouth feedback he got on the product is positive.

“The guys I spoke to were happy… what I now expect from the Gigant axles is to do a million kilometres without me touching the trailer,” he says. In addition, he has always set high store by Trevor’s advice “because I consider him to be an expert in the field”. Wayne expects to take possession of the five new units later this month.

ABOVE RIGHT AND BELOW PICTURES: This dual-purpose truck and trailer unit built by Trevor Jackson for Ryall Bush sports the total NZH hydraulics solution product package, including the Harsh tipping system and Gigant axles.

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