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Adams & Currie and NZH good mutual fit Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CHRISTCHURCH road transport engineering business Adams & Currie supplies the contracting industry with essential plant – steel and aluminium tippers from 4-wheelers up to the Calcon Ltd 8- wheeler plus trailer shown.

Canterbury is one of New Zealand’s strongest centres for civil contracting, and all contractors rely heavily on their suppliers as they are kept busy with roading, subdivisional and infrastructure projects, as well as the new Pegasus township. Adams & Currie has concentrated on this tipper market, with a strong client base through Canterbury, the West Coast and the top of the South Island. As well as owners Pat Lagan, Peter Laurenson, Keith Robinson and admin staff, there are 18 employees on the floor.

Adams & Currie uses NZH hydraulic equipment. “Hoists, pumps and PTOs are central to every truck body and trailer that we manufacture,” Pat says. “We believe that Brenden and his team know their business, and they know our needs. They are an innovative company, and we’re always looking for new ideas.

We plan ahead, and all the NZH requirements for each truck are there when we need them.”

Adams & Currie knows that contractors need gear that is well designed, fit for purpose and sturdy. “We build bodies and trailers that are going to go on working for them,” Pat says. “We work with suppliers who we can rely on, who want to supply to and work with us to solve problems.

“We use a lot of suppliers – all our pressing and other specialist work is contracted out. We’re tightly focused in the workshop – our tradesmen are specialist body builders, and that is what they do.”

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