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Atlas (formerly Terex) confirms NZH exclusive knuckle boom crane dealership Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NZH’s reputation clinched the deal.

MAJOR global crane manufacturer Atlas (formerly Terex) has awarded NZH an exclusive knuckle boom crane dealership for Australasia.

This is part of a major Atlas push into the Australian market after a virtual absence of many years, as well as being its first crane dealership ever in New Zealand.

“Our reputation as a hydraulic supplier clinched the deal. They also wanted someone directly connected to the transport market,” NZH managing director Brenden Lyons says. “Cranes are closely linked to what we do, so it made sense to look in that direction. We spent time assessing the market and established that there was an opening for an expert hydraulic technical team with the ability to represent a proven product,” he says. “Many crane companies have dealers in New Zealand and Australia, but not all these companies are necessarily particularly well represented in terms of technical expertise or service. So for us it was a natural growth area for our services.”

The NZH team searched the world for a product that would meet the requirements of the New Zealand and Australian crane market and found it in Atlas, a German company that has been manufacturing cranes since the 1920s: “It’s a good fit for us and for them,” Brenden says.

The Atlas full range is from 1.3mt to 60mt. NZH currently has Knuckle Boom cranes ranging from 6mt to 30mt in stock.

“All their cranes are great products and with our expertise it is a winning combination. Our competitive advantage remains that we have good products readily available, good technical ability and, our real edge, the ability to provide our clients with solutions to their problems that really work,” Brenden says.

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