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Some like it Ezi Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NZH customers now have two choices of electrical in-cab control systems – the Ezi-touch and its recently introduced cousin, the Ezi-switch. NZH Technical Manager says Ezi-switch and Ezi-touch do the same job but in different ways to suit different customer requirements.

“Some customers prefer the upmarket Ezi-touch, which is fully programmable. Others told us they prefer a more conventional bank of rocker switches, which they now get with Ezi-switch. “However, both incorporate in-house developed technology proven to complement our range of products. This gives our customers a more comprehensive transport hydraulic solution and the peace of mind that comes with using the NZH brand,” he says. Ezi-touch, introduced to the market earlier this year, consists of a 140mm x 90mm x 30mm plastic unit with solid-state electronics and a membrane switch overlay. Ezi-switch consists of six panel-mounted plastic rocker switches that can be supplied individually or enclosure mounted. Ezi-touch has a flexible cord that plugs into a wiring loom that runs down to the chassis of the vehicle. The location of connection and whether the unit is dashboard-mounted or not are decisions left to the operator and fitter. Ezi-switch connects in the same manner using the same generic components.

The Ezi-touch or Ezi-switch plug connects to a wiring loom that powers the touch keys on the panel face or the rocker switches to control the PTO, hoists, tailgates and accessories. The wiring loom hooks up with a chassis-mounted stainless steel box, fitted with electric-over-air solenoid valves. From there, airlines lead from the solenoids to the relevant components. The Ezi-touch unit is fully programmable, with latching or dead-man operation, which can be set within health and safety parameters and to the operator’s preference. The Ezi-switch unit is not programmable, but it is possible to mount the switches in spare switch cavities in the cabin. Both systems include manual overrides for the electric-over- air solenoid valves.

“While Ezi-touch is more of an upmarket product, Ezi-switch is our inhouse alternative for the multitude of banks of switches on the market. NZH have designed both systems to be simple and straightforward to install and use, both do away with traditional bulky air operated valve cab control systems, and both have a sleek and elegant look that complements the interior of modern truck cabins,” he says. The Ezi-switch connects to the same componentry in the same way as the Ezi-touch, but relays its instructions in a more traditional manner.

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