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has been the leading supplier in Australasia of product pumps to the Dairy Industry for more than 30 years. In a world first we offer a fully integrated solution for farm collection systems. This consists of a Hydraulic powered milk pumping system and a full metering system that controls the collection process, measures the milk collected, samples the milk as per the required protocol, records sampling via barcode or RFID and transfers the data on the go via GPRS.

We have formed strong relationships with key milk product producers both in New Zealand and in Australia over the past 30 years.  We offer innovative and superior systems with milk collection rates the highest in the world.


  • Global Dairy Cow Milk Production is + 578 Billion Litres p.a.
  • New Zealand Milk Production  is +15 Billion  Litres milk p.a
  • Australia Milk Production +9 Billion Litres of milk p.a.

The  NZH milk pump and the THS twin pump hydraulic collection system was developed by the NZH group and is now the industry standard for milk collection throughout Australasia.

On Average each Tanker collects in excess of 32 Million litres of Milk p.a.  

The NZH & THS Milk Collection system currently pump in excess  of 20 Billion litres of milk p.a, and our PTOs will each be engaged in excess of 400 hours p.a.

NZH product research and development has enabled milk collectors to increase their on board collection capacity by more than 60% since 2004. NZ average collection rate is around 2000 l/min and Australian collection is approx 1600l/min.  NZH collection rate is in the highest in the World without compromising milk quality . 

The group is the leading supplier in Australasia of product pumps for the dairy industry and has been supplying the New Zealand dairy industry since 1979.

The entire Fonterra fleet is fitted with NZH supplied Milk pumps, as are a growing number of other milk tanker fleets throughout Australasia.

THS has supplied product pumps to the Australian Dairy industry for the past 15+ years. The twin pump milk collection system developed by the NZH group is now the industry standard for milk collection in Australia.


Centrifugal Pump

Twin Pump 

Rubber Priming Pump






Metering Systems

Full Metering System
**Australian Government ,National Measurement Institution approval no 5/6E/15**    

**NZ Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Weight and Measure Regulation 1999, Certificate of approval **2019


The THS-Piper Milk Tanker Metering System consists of a control module with screen and keyboard, a GPS/GPRS module for location  and data transfer, a  mag  flow  meter, aseptic stainless steel milk sampler which is the only one available on  the market with a 3A approval, Optional  RFID  radio-frequency-identification  Read/Writer or Barcode printer and scanner  and a thermal onboard printer.  NZH/THS is also capable of managing all your data requirements. The THS – Piper system is the only one on the market that has certificate of approvals for both the Australian and New Zealand markets.This  combined with ou  hydraulic drive, control system and stainless steel product pumps provides a total system for milk collection and measurement.

     Milk Metering               GPRS Data Transfer        Tanker Portal Data Screen



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